What is the role of the vacuum valve, with what characteristics


Vacuum valve is an important part of any vacuum system, which plays an important role in ensuring the stable operation of the system. The most basic requirement is to ensure the high tightness of the connection and the tightness of the gasket structural material. Vacuum valve with its high sealing performance and reliable sealing performance, to ensure the stable operation of the vacuum system plays a crucial role. Used to change the flow direction of the vacuum system, adjust the flow rate, cut off or connect the circuit in the vacuum system. The vacuum valve ensures high sealing of the connection and tight construction of the gasket material. The role of the vacuum valve is to regulate the sealing of the high flow connection. Vacuum valve is essentially a control of air or gas flow into or out of the vacuum chamber device. When the valve is open, gas or air can flow into the vacuum chamber, which is isolated from the outside world when the valve is closed. Small diameter high vacuum flapper valve bodies are precision casting, high-tech precision casting process and equipment, so that stainless steel castings can be fully dense structure. No"Porosity, porosity, sand inclusion" casting defects. Clean and beautiful appearance. The valve body leakage index is better than 10-10pa. M 3/s. It is suitable for ultra-high vacuum conditions. The pressure below atmospheric pressure and the pressure drop on the disc shall not exceed 1 kg/cm 2. The operating temperature of the medium depends on the process of using the device. The temperature is generally in the range of -70 ~ + 150 ° C. The vacuum valve is made of high-quality materials and can withstand harsh environments such as high pressure, low temperature and corrosive materials. The vacuum valve shutoff seal uses the rubber or the metal seal. Good sealing performance, reliable sealing performance, long service life.

Post time: Mar-21-2023