Weld Formed Bellows *Material: 304/L

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Our corrugated tube is a widely used pressure-sensitive elastic element made of high-quality materials.

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Catalogue PN size Bellow Wall Thickness A
Free Length
A2511A04004000761K KF40-76.2L 0.15mm 76.2mm

Product Description

Our corrugated tube is a type of pressure-sensitive elastic element widely used in pressure measurement instruments. It consists of a cylindrical thin-walled shell with multiple transverse corrugations, allowing it to produce displacement when subjected to pressure, axial force, lateral force, or torsion. Corrugated tubes are widely used in various instruments and devices, serving as a measurement element to convert pressure into displacement or force. With its thin-walled structure and high sensitivity, it can measure pressure ranging from several pascals to tens of megapascals. Additionally, corrugated tubes can also be used as sealing isolation components to separate two media or prevent harmful fluids from entering the measuring part of the equipment. They can be used as compensation elements to compensate for temperature errors in instruments by utilizing the variable volume of the tube. It can also be used as an elastic joint between two parts. Depending on the materials used, corrugated tubes can be classified into metallic and non-metallic types, and according to their structure, they can be classified into single-layer and multi-layer types. Single-layer corrugated tubes are commonly used, while multi-layer types are utilized in critical measurements due to their high strength, durability, and low stress.


Corrugated tubes are commonly used in various pressure measurement instruments and devices.


1. The corrugated tube is highly sensitive and can measure a wide range of pressure levels.
2. It is widely used as a measurement element due to its thin-walled structure and high sensitivity.
3. It is also used as a sealing isolation component, compensating element, and elastic joint.


1. Corrugated tubes come in a variety of materials, including metallic and non-metallic types.
2. They come in single-layer and multi-layer types to meet specific application requirements.

In conclusion, the corrugated tube is a widely used pressure-sensitive elastic element that has become an integral component of various devices and instruments. Its high sensitivity and versatility make it an ideal measurement element for a variety of applications, while its structure and materials allow it to function as a sealing isolation component, compensating element, and elastic joint. With a range of materials and different types available, our corrugated tube can be tailored to meet specific requirements and offers reliable and precise measurements.

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