Double Seat Mix Proof Valve *304/316L

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Features Introduction

▪ This series of anti-mixing valve can effectively prevent mixing between two kinds of non-mixing medium. When the valve is closed, there will be a double sealing between the upper and lower pipes, to effectively prevent the two kinds of media from being mixed between the two pipes. If the sealing parts damaged, leakage can be discharged through the leak chamber of the valve, which is easy to observe and replace sealing parts in time. There are variety of different specifications and designs available in such series.

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Operating principles

▪ Basic double seat mix proof valve is controled through compressed air. The valve is a normally closed (NC) valve.
▪ The double seat valve has two divided seals of valve disc. It has a interlinked cavity of leak the two seals which working. When it happens leaking,the products will inpour the cavity and flow away from exit. It won not cause any pullution or mixing. The leaking cavity closed while the valve working. It is impossible to overflow for the products. so the products can be transported from one pipe to another. Also the valve can be washing CIP.
▪ This double seat valve with BURKERT company’s 1066 intelligent control head, it can not only be contrilled remotely, but also monitoring of the working state of the valve all the time. It can also be equipped with only the position sensor.

Technical Data

▪ Maximum product pressure: 1000kpa (10bar)
▪ Minimum product pressure: Full vacuum
▪ Temperature range: -10 ℃ to 135 ℃ (EPDM)
▪ Air pressure: Maximum 800kpa (8bar)


▪ Product wetted steel parts: 304 / 316L
▪ Other steel parts: 304
▪ Product wetted seals: EPDM
▪ Other Seals: CIP seals (EPDM)
Pneumatic device seal (NBR)
Deflector (PTFE)
▪ Surface finish: Inner / outer (sandblasted) Ra <1.6
The inner layer (CNC machining) Ra≤1.6
Inner / outer (inner polishing type) Ra≤0.8
Note! Ra index only refers to the inner surface

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