Sanitary Wafer Butterfly Valve: Efficient Control and Operation

Sanitary wafer butterfly valves are commonly used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries due to their ability to effectively regulate the flow of fluids. This series of butterfly valves can be remotely operated by the actuator or manually operated by the handle, providing users with flexible fluid management options.

Actuators are available in three different versions – Normally Open (NC), Normally Open (NO) and Air/Air Activated (A/A) to increase the efficiency of fluid management systems. The actuator design converts the axial movement of the piston into a 90° rotation of the shaft, increasing valve torque as the disc contacts the seal ring, resulting in efficient valve closing. This feature saves time and effort for the user while ensuring an optimum level of process control.

Manual operation of the valve can further enhance the control options. The mechanical manual operating handle allows the user to easily control the opening and closing of the valve, and can adopt intermediate or other positions to adjust the fluid flow according to specific requirements. In addition, users can choose two-position handles, three-position handles, stroke lever handles, multi-position plastic handles and multi-position stainless steel handles according to their needs.

These valves have been designed with the highest hygiene standards in mind. The materials used in the construction of the valves ensure that they meet the requirements of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The sanitary wafer butterfly valve has a smooth surface finish without ridges and dead spaces where particles can be trapped. The surface finish makes it easy to clean and sanitize, further ensuring product safety, quality and integrity.

Additionally, the actuator options for sanitary wafer butterfly valves provide users with superior performance. Pneumatic stainless steel actuators, pneumatic aluminum actuators, and electric actuators provide users with a variety of options to meet their different needs. This seamless integration with other industrial control systems makes it ideal for a wide variety of industrial processes.

Overall, the use of sanitary wafer butterfly valves provides the user with control and efficiency, saving time and resources. They ensure the highest standards of hygiene and easy cleaning, while providing the user with a range of valve controls. With the variety of actuator and handle options available, users can choose the best option for their process, making it a reliable choice for industrial valves.

Post time: Jun-06-2023